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    Plathosys CT-220 PRO

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    The flexible USB handset for Office and Unified Communications

    A handset for the modern workplace that turns your PC into a highly effective telephone.

    USB handset with connectivity for cordless and corded headsets,
    external loudspeakers, footswitch or second handset

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    Plathosys CT-220 PRO

    The specialist for office & unified communications

    The elegant USB handset Plathosys CT 220 PRO is optimised for professional office applications. Your PC transforms into a high-performance telephone. It is certified as Unify Ready and is compatible with Skype for Business.

    The performance features are varied and can be modified if required. You can, of course, purchase suitable accessories for the Plathosys CT 220 PRO from us.

    Human Interface Device

    Very simple installation thanks to the HID standard (Human Interface Device). The CT 220 PRO is automatically integrated in every PC environment

    Crystal-Clear Communication In the Office

    Wideband Audio Performance The integrated wideband audio performance provides optimum speech quality and a natural tone when PC telephony is used. The HD audio quality lies within the frequency range of 100 Hz to 7,500 Hz in accordance with ETSI ES 202739.


    The support of the Hearing-Aid-Compatibility standard (HAC) (in accordance with FCC Part 68.316 and 68.317) ensures that the CT 220 PRO also enables wearers of hearing aids to use the latest communication technology in the age of Unified Communications.

    Further acoustic features

    • Acoustic shock protection (in accordance with ETSI EG 202518 and UL60950-1)
    • Echo cancellation
    • Dial tone signal via internal loudspeaker
    • Connection for corded or cordless headset
    • and many more

    Plathosys CT 220 PRO: For crystal clear communication in the office

    The elegant USB handset Plathosys CT 220 PRO provides with its wideband audio performance excellent voice quality and natural sound experience when used as PC telephony.

    Flexible & individual integration

    The varied connection options for high-quality headsets and passive loudspeakers offer the user high flexibility, for example, the switching from handset to headset operation or the activation of an external loudspeaker. In this way you can, for example, listen in via a headset or a second handset.*

    Our development team will be pleased to provide support in customising your individual requirements and in integrating the Plathosys CT 220 PRO into your applications through API programming.

    * These functions can be configured through API (Application Programming Interface)

    Functions at A Glance

    • Acoustic shock protection
    • Wideband audio quality
    • Echo cancellation
    • Separate volume setting*
    • HAC technology
    • Hook on/hook off function*
    • Remote call acceptance with headset
    • Dial tone signal via internal loudspeaker
    • Corded/cordless headset, 8 Ohm passive loudspeaker can be connected *
    • Listen in via a headset or second handset *

    Technical Data

    • Stable housing made of flame-retardant plastic PC-ABS (standard UL 94)
    • Power supply (USB: 5V, max. 100mA)
    • USB 1.1, USB 2.0 & USB 3.0
    • 32-bit and 64-bit

    Scope of delivery

    • USB handset with spiral cable (50 cm coil length)
    • Table rest
    • Operating instructions
    • USB spiral connection cable A-B with special covering (2 m)

    System requirements

    • MS Windows XP
    • MS Windows 2000
    • MS Windows Vista
    • MS Windows 7
    • MS Windows 8.1
    • Standard USB port (1.1. or higher)

    * Functions can be configured with the help of an API. / EU Directive 1995/5/EC-compliant (R&TTE Directive)/CE mark

    43 Items

    Technical Data

    • Power supply (USB: 5V, max. 500mA)
    • USB 1.1, 2.0 & 3.0
    • USB connecting cable 2 m
    • Coiled length handset cable 50 cm
    • The system is addressable for 32 Bit and 64 Bit

    System requirements

    • MS Windows 8.1 or higher
    • Standard USB-A Port (1.1. or higher)

    Material description

    • Sturdy casing made of flame retardant plastic PC-ABS (Norm UL 94)

    Item Number

    • 104074



    • Plug&play installation
    • Elegant and attractive design

    Acoustic & Volume

    • Acoustic Shock Protection according to ETSI EG 202518 and UL60950-1
    • Voice quality earpiece and microphone: Frequency range 100 Hz to 7.500 Hz according to ETSI ES 202739 (wideband audio quality)
    • Echo cancellation
    • Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) according to FCC Part 68.316 and 68.317
    • Ring tone signal via internal loudspeaker

    Additional functions through API/manufacturer

    • Hook on/-off-function *
    Hook on/Hook off function in connection with MS Teams/ Skype for Business and Unify OpenScape Softclients
    • Separate volume control
    - Handset (Earpiece and Microphone)
    - Headset (Earpiece and Microphone)
    • API-software available for the development of customers’ specific applications

    Optional accessories

    • Connection options for corded /cordless * headsets
    • External 8 Ohm passive loudspeaker can be connected *
    • Optional listening in via headset or second handset *


    EU-conformity according to EU directives 2014/30/EU, 2011/65/EU and 2014/35/EU (CE label)

    * These functions can be configured through API (Application Programming Interface)

    Scope of delivery

    • Handset with coiled cable
    • USB base station
    • USB connecting cable A-B and amplified latching connection at the base station
    • Operating instructions

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